Guest Gift Basket

Recently, my college roommate Emily and her fiancé Matt came to visit Steve and I… To check out our new house, catch-up (I had yet to meet Matt) and just enjoy a relaxing weekend. They were traveling from New Jersey and while it was not a long drive, I wanted to do something to show a little appreciation because we all know I hate driving and by them coming to us so it got me off the hook. Though, I suppose our next get together will be at their place – did I mention they are in the midst of moving to KENTUCKY? We will most definitely be taking a plan to visit.

So, as I was saying, I wanted to put a little something together as a Welcome Basket/Engagement present. You can fill it with just about anything, but I wanted to tailor it to things I knew Emily would love and all things local to our neck of the woods:


  • Basket: Marhsalls/Homegoods – $14
  • Homemade pasta with Oil & Vinegar: O’live a Little – $60
  • Assortment of chocolate: Bridgewater Chocolates – $28
  • Custom bag with new name – $35
  • Assorted New England wedding magazines – $50
  • Local honey & jam: Roses’ Berry Farm – $12
  • Custom welcome book with items such as local restaurants and things to do

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