Seeing Double? Trouble!

Just as any good daughter would do, while my parents were away I made sure their house stayed tidy, the animals were taken care of and may have brought home a present or two for their return.


These two little creatures will be my new project ponies for the winter! (insert Steve’s eye rolling, accompanied by my mother’s and probably everyone else – I go back in for reconstructive knee surgery is 10/14). Pony 1 on the left is Hope. She has just turned 2, barely knows nothing, but has the heart of gold. Though she does tend to use her head as a bit of a weapon as she has not yet gained the perspective of personal space. She likes to believe she is a lap dog and just wants to snuggle. Pony 2 on the right is Gucci (formerly known as Sage). She is approximately 5 years old. She also absolutely knows nothing – i.e. they don’t know how to walk on the lead, etc. They are both super talented so it will be an interesting adventure! Stay tuned for their developments, but for now, enjoy the comical way I informed my mother of what she was coming home to:





At least she is starting to come around to the new additions. She even has tried to take Gucci for her own… No idea why since she, herself, recently had back surgery and is unable to ride for quite some time. She is quite hilarious at times -_-


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