So, the trouble begins!

Today was the day. Well, maybe last night was the night? Either way, the training (entering into reality) has begun for our new critters.

Last night, Olivia walked Hope around the outdoor prior to one of her lessons. They worked on simple things like walking and on the occasion they even practiced stopping! The stopping was a bit more complicated than poor little Hope anticipated. Not because of the need to stop your body from continuing forward but because she didn’t not know where to put her head. She thought it would be a nice addition to Olivia’s body. Olivia disagreed. They finally came to a meeting of the minds.

I wish I could say Gucci was as quick a student. She on the other hand has a bit more stubbornness to her, but is as brave as anything. My friend Emily wants to turn her into an eventer. We first attempted to walk Gucci into the barn. She wasn’t having it as usual. In shortness of time (since Olivia had a lesson at 5:30) we practiced walking in the driveway and around the barn FOR THE FULL 45 minutes she was teaching. By the end, she could have been my new showmanship pony! We perfected walking and stopping. Doing figurates, etc. once the lesson was done and students had left it was time to reattempt our barn entry. I’m not exactly sure who’s more stubborn – Gucci or Olivia. (Hint: Olivia won this battle). Gucci finally entered and walked right into the first stall on the right. We let her have a bite of grain and repeated that process for 5-6x until she willingly walked right into the barn without hesitation.

Enter Day 2:

Without knowing who to work with first, we figured we would start with whomever we could catch (Gucci and Olivia’s pony Nugget like to avade us). We wanted to leave Hope until the end as we know she’s like a pocket dog, always by your side.

After about 15 minutes of running up and down the hill in their pasture we had success! Olivia caught Gucci, which forced Nugget to give up the fight.

We brought both ponies in the barn – Gucci only gave a mild hesitation. They got to hangout in stalls while we went back to get Hope. I proceeded to walk her around the outdoor while she relaxed. Olivia then took over. It was time to put on the big girl pants – we were about to learn to LUNGE! Big things were happening. It actually went quite successfully and am disappointed that I didn’t take a video. Afterwards we put her back outside by herself in the paddock and she was just fine. We took Nugget and Gucci to the outdoor and walked them around tho we ran out of time to do much else. More to come in due time!

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