Lucky Taco, Manchester CT Review

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After a long day of cleaning the basement, I was in no mood to cook and Steve had just finished his second week on the new job. So that means only one thing – go out! It didn’t help that I may have torn my knee where I just had surgery … No, it was not from riding the horses to soon or anything else that would have the slightest bit of excitement or fun to it, but rather of stupidity. I may have gotten my foot caught in our sheets trying to get out of bed. I find out Monday if I need to go for an MRI.

In an attempt to find some place that was quick, local and economical, I finally convinced Steve to try Lucky Taco. The restaurant opened up in the fall of 2014 about 2.5 miles from our house on the main drag of Main Street in Manchester where several Mom & Pop stores are located. They originated as a food truck in 2011 and with so much praise they decided to open up a brick & mortar store. (and i’m not complaining).

My mom and I had gone for lunch when they first opened and I knew it was a place Steve would enjoy. However, when we stay this local, his go to spot is Catsup & Mustard. As Lucky Taco is known for experimenting with tons of different flavors, cuisines and international zest I knew their unique menu would spice up our Friday night routine.

To note, their menu is served by single taco or you can choose multiples and make it a meal with rice and beans. A bit overwhelmed with the menu, we decided to keep it classic and start off with the chips, queso, guacamole and salsa… Whenever ordering, waitstaff always looks at us with two heads – Steve can definitely eat his weight and then some (try keeping up with our grocery bills!)

For the main ‘meal’, we decided to split a round of tacos ($4/ea)…

  • Newport Chicken Taco (their most popular, but my least favorite out of the ones ordered)
  • Kung Pao Taco
  • Tasty Thai Chicken
  • Island Jerk Pork
  • Chorizo Con Papas
  • Ginga Ninja Marinated Fish Tacos (blackened)
  • Michalada Pork Taco (by far my absolute favorite)

I mean, we basically had to try the whole menu to decide which we liked best, right? Steve thought so at least! I was able to persuade him to keep it to 7 tacos since we had also ordered the chips.

For drinks, I started off with the seasonal Cranberry Cinnamon Whiskey Sour while Steve had Black Hog’s Ginga Ninja (6.5 ABV; $7). The Whiskey Sour ($9) was perfect – not too strong, but definitely not weak. I wish I had stuck with this choice for my meal, but in the spirit of trying new things, I opted for the Caramel Apple Sangria ($9). Unfortunately, this was a bit too (sweet) for my liking. I think it had something to do with the Caramel Vodka or the Pinot Grigio used, but needless to say it arrived late after I ordered it and did not feel the need to finish it. (This was the only down side of the evening).

During our visit, we were briefly able to meet and talk with the owner, Erin. Being able to see her in action and how she responded to the clients, not just us, was definitely reason to come back by itself. She even shares my love for horses! How could one go wrong after that?

Many of their options are very uncommon and have a rotating menu of featured tacos to keep things interesting, though they do have your more traditional flavors for those who are not so adventurous… But honestly, live a little! Try something outside of your comfort zone, you’ll be glad you did!

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