2Hopewell South Glastonbury, CT Review

Service – Food – Ambiance

After a busy day of running errands with our parents, an early dinner was a must to unwind and debrief.  As it was only 4:30, I figured it would be best to give  Bricco in Glastonbury a quick call to see what time they opened for dinner. We were in luck, kitchen opened at 4 so we headed over. It’s  close to home and a great spot for steak or scallops. Unfortunately, when I called, the hostess failed to mention they were completely booked and not accepting walk-ins so when we arrived, what I assumed to be the manager at the front desk enlightened us to this misfortune (in his not so pleasant ‘tude – unfortunately, one of our fav restaurants may be no longer!).

In a quick attempt to find us a place to eat that our parents would enjoy I called 2Hopewell in South Glastonbury. The hostess said they were full until 9PM, but if I could get there now she could squeeze the 5 of us upstairs. Ever so grateful for her quick accommodations and maneuvering we hurried our butts over there (about a 5 minute drive).

Within moments of arriving, the hostess sat us in the upstairs dinning room (on the left), which is nice and quiet – great for conversation to debrief on our day. {If you are looking for a more interactive and vibrant setting, just head on downstairs to the Tavern, which is equally as great with live music}. To lighten the mood we all ordered a round of drinks, Steve and Ray went with draft beer (of course) while I partook in the cran-pear tini (absolutely delicious) and an order of calamari, which was mild in spice for those who don’t prefer the unbearable kick of heat like Steve.

As the evening progressed, we ordered the entree special of Thanksgiving Ravioli – a combination of turkey, celery, onions stuffed inside homemade ravioli pasta with a side of stuffing in the center drizzled with a cranberry glaze. Mouth watering yet? Cause mine is just reliving it! Steve also ordered the appetizer/starter special, which was a meat chili. It had filet, braised beef, etc. Just as flavorful with great presentation; see pictures below! For his main meal, he went with the beef tenderloin tips. The meat was so tender and juicy, by far I think my favorite for the evening… though my mother’s order of vegetable terrine definitely gave it a run for its money with their homemade ricotta and pomodoro. **please note, anything with their pomodoro sauce is spectacular!**

To round out the evening of gluttony, we decided it was a must that we order dessert – Steve’s parents went with the apple crumble and sorbet (no complaints), while we decided to split the carrot cake-cheesecake. Good thing we did! The piece of cake was ENORMOUS. Although I am not complaining (it made for a great breakfast this morning – don’t tell Steve!). I would highly suggest going just for that! The cake was so MOIST (yes, the dreaded word that is only semi acceptable when describing food).

Unfortunately, as we were getting ready to leave my car decided that its battery was dead. And no, we did not leave the lights on or door ajar. But to our rescue, after talking with the hostess to see if the car parked beside us could be moved in order to fit Steve’s parent’s car in for a jump, the (i suspect) manager arrived with a battery jumper pack that did the trick without having to disturb the guest who parked next to us!

All in all, 2Hopewell once again exceeded my expectations with not only their humble service, but also the atmosphere and flavorful food. We will most definitely be back as they were able to put our spirits back on top!

-Xoxo Courtney & Steve

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