With a New Year, Comes New….

Well, for those of you who may or not know, I was recently involved in a car accident on 1/3/2016 coming home from my day job… rear-ended by a tractor trailer on the highway. The good news is I will be OK and made it a whomping 3 days into the New Year before something ‘unexpected’ came-up. It’s been a rough year or so to say the least… 3 knee surgeries for myself, Steve was in the hospital for a week this past summer for an infection and my mother had 2 back surgeries in the past 4 months and will be going for a 2nd foot surgery at the end of the month! (yes, that was a mouth full!)

While at times it all seems daunting, as if trying to run a horse farm, work at my current full-time employment, start this blog and Steve transitioning into his new employment wasn’t enough! I just have to keep a smile on my face because there could always be far worse outcomes than those we have encountered thus far. In light of the recent concussion and whiplash, I will be taking it easy on the DIY crafts and blogging, but fret not! I do have some wonderful surprises in store for you while I am on the mend. Stay tuned for some guest blog posts that hopefully will be of interest to you!

As always, if you have any questions or specific posts you would like to see, please just reach out through our contact page!

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