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A Holiday On Holiday

After backpacking through Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, and most of Nicaragua, with almost another whole month before I went home, I was ready for a holiday.  Which is weird since I was on one already, but it was time.  I was going to Little Corn Island on the Caribbean side of Nicaragua.

When I told most people I wanted to go, they either said “I’m so jealous!  I want to go!” or “why would you want to go there?  I heard it’s awful.”  I didn’t care.  I was set on going, even though it was way out of the way of everything else I wanted to see, but it was 200% worth it.

A four-day journey later, I finally made it to that tiny, car-less slice of paradise.  The journey was really over once I finished the sweaty journey and made it to a cute little cabana on the pristine, yet occasionally seaweed-y, beach and crystal clear waters.

I had an undetermined amount of time ahead of me to spend laying around on these practically deserted beaches, drinking Fresca and eating dirt-cheap seafood.  You can easily walk around the island in a day, enjoying the jungle and various beaches, while stopping for food, dessert, or coffee as you go.

The weather can be a little iffy, so be prepared, but don’t let that stop you from going.  For being such a tiny island, there’s still plenty to do.  You can walk around the island, try and catch a baseball game (on the end towards Yamaya and the lighthouse), climb up the lighthouse, take a snorkel trip, learn to dive, go paddle boarding, read on the beach, get a fancy dinner at the Turned Turtle (and the best pina colada ever), or go to trivia night at Tranquilo.

There are plenty of places to stay for all budgets.  There are more hotels and a few guesthouses on what I call the food side, where you come in from Big Corn.  Then, on what I call the beach side, the beach is much better on that side, the shore is dotted with cute little cabanas for all price ranges.  Most places don’t take reservations ahead of time, so I would recommend taking the early Panga from Big Corn and just asking around.  One thing to note; if you stay on the beach side and go to the food side at night or in the evening, bring a flashlight for the walk back.  It’s about 15 minutes and dark, through the jungle.

A few notable things before visiting; bring everything you may need (or want) with you.  I mean snacks, restock on shampoo and other toiletries, alcohol, and prepare for minimal or poor Wi-Fi, along with limited electricity during the day.  If you have limited time, fly from Managua, if not, try going by land.  It’s quite the adventure.  Bring any cash you need, plus a little extra.  There is no ATM on Little Corn.

I ended up staying for a week and would have happily stayed another if I had the time.  This is the perfect place for a short getaway from home, especially in the US, or for a holiday on a holiday through the rest of Central America.

Notable places:

  • Yemaya – The high-end resort on the island
  • Tranquilo – The place to go for Wi-Fi, food, and paddle board rentals
  • Turned Turtle – The place to go for fancy food and the best pina coladas
  • The First Restaurant on the Beach Side when you turn left from the jungle path – The place to go for cheap, fresh seafood
  • The Lighthouse – The place to go for views of the island
  • The Cool Spot and Graces Place – The places to go for great beach (and further down, past the cabanas, towards Yamaya)

A little bit about the author:

Hi, I’m Megan, a Wisconsin native currently working my way around the US, exploring other countries any chance I get.  Backpacking Central America was my first solo trip in 2015 and I travel as much as possible now.

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