Valentine’s Day Outfit Options for Her

Still at a loss as to what to wear this Valentine’s Day? No clue to what your s/o even has planned for this special day that they probably refer to as ‘the Hallmark’ holiday? Here are a few options for you to choose for (or even give as a present, hint hint). 

Let met know what you think and what you have planned for your upcoming celebration of love!



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  1. Nicole Warner | 26th Jan 17

    Love your picks! Super cute options. Now I need to make sure the hubby plans ahead so I have an excuse to buy one 😆

    • Courtney & Steve | 27th Jan 17

      Nicole, I couldn’t agree more! Even if you stay-in (which is what Steve and I normally opt for – less chaotic), it is still a great excuse to get dressed up to impress!

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