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Just as most people make a New Years Resolution to get fit and & eat healthy, Steve and I have come to the harsh reality that we need to get back on track with our physical workouts and healthy meal prep, otherwise I may continue to bust out of my clothes! With that, welcome Whole30! It seems as good a time as any to give it a try.

Why We Want to Complete the Whole30 Challenge:

  • To get back into a healthy regime
    • Lately, between being sick, a multitude of knee surgeries and just pure lack of time/laziness, we haven’t exactly worked out too much. Steve historically used to run 5 days per week and weight train. I on the other hand, would ride 1-2 horses/day, take a fitness class such as yoga and maybe do another 30-45 minutes of cardio (trail runs, elliptical/treadmill). To say the least, we USED to be active, but life has gotten in the way. With that, I have been lax with our meal preps for the week, falling victim to the ‘easy’ foods that don’t fill you up and lack nutritional value.
  • Combat our chronic fatigue & cravings for sweets
    • With the lack of exercise and healthy eating, we have been stuffing ourselves with holiday treats, which causes your energy to drain. We definitely could use a little kick in the right direction. PUT DOWN THE ICE CREAM

Pairing the Whole30 Challenge with Mindful Eating!

With the lack of exercise lately, I find myself just eating anything and everything insight, regardless if I am hungry or not. Being stressed doesn’t help either! Doing a bit of research on this topic, I found Jules Clancy (StoneSoup) who wrote a great article for zenhabits.net about mindful eating. In it, she outlined the benefits of mindful eating as follows:

Reduced over eating. It’s been a while now since I went to bed feeling bloated and over stuffed. Which is great in itself but also means that my ‘muffin top’ is pretty much gone when I wear my favorite jeans.

Increased enjoyment of food. As a food scientist, I’ve always considered myself a big fan of eating. Now that I’m on the path to mastering the art of mindful eating, I am finding a new found respect for food and am gaining far more pleasure from meal times.

Improved digestion. Digestion begins in the mouth with the action of saliva. If food isn’t chewed properly it means that there’s more work for the rest of your digestion system. I may be imagining this, but I think I’ve also noticed I have less gas now that I’m eating mindfully.

Being satisfied with less. Linked with reduced over eating, the real benefit here is being able to trust yourself to feel satisfied after one or two squares of chocolate so there is no temptation to scoff the whole block. Suddenly there’s no need to deny yourself the occasional treat which makes for a far healthier relationship with food.
Ready to change the way you interact with food?

Enough said! I would love to have any if not ALL of all those benefits.

What Exactly IS Whole30?

It’s a lifestyle change! Whole30 is an eating regimen, which was created by nutritionists and sports physiology experts in SLC. They focus on all things “paleo” and cross-fit. Any where you look, from Pinterest to Instagram you’ll find new recipes. There are certain no-no’s that you cannot eat during the 30 days, see below:

But there are still plenty of things you CAN eat. Join along for the next 30 days as we share with you our journey and meal plans! If you want some ideas, check out the Whole30 website or their suggested grocery list.

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