How to Move Like a Pro

It’s summertime! One of the most common times to move – whether it be out of school (or back in – before you know it) or from apartment to a new home, the thought of moving and packing all those items can be overwhelming not to mention pure exhaustion! But, having a plan can help alleviate some of those common stressors and we all know that if there is a way to simplify it should be utilized.

Make a Plan (and stick to it)

 While yes, I am the queen of lists, timelines and all things planning, this is an example where that Type A personality truly does come into play. By planning ahead, you will have the time to sort through everything at a reasonable pace – aka you don’t shove everything in a box at the very last minute. Go through everything BEFORE moving day to determine what you can get rid of. Make donation piles, maybe hold a tag sale (who doesn’t like extra cash) and maybe even make a list of things you need for the new place! In addition to all of the physical items, think about the forgotten details such as switching over the utilities, change of address with the post office, cancel your autopay bills for that location, etc. You can use this handy cheat sheet to stay on track!


Boxes, Boxes and more Boxes

Be sure to check out local liquor stores or retail warehouse stores (Sam’s Club, BJs, etc.) for free boxes! You should be able to attain most of your packing supplies for FREE if you plan accordingly.

Rolly Polly Olly

Using a suitcase to pack those heavy items can be crucial! This way you can just roll it right from the car to the front door! Cha Ching!

Snug as a Bug in a Rug

The first thing you should do at your new place is set-up the essentials, such as your bed and your bathroom. Most likely you will be spending many hours unpacking everything and the last thing you will want to do after a long day of moving is to search for that elusive toothbrush or pillow!

Keep it Shut

As long as it is not too heavy (and you secure it closed with stretch moving & packing wrap), it is easiest to keep the clothes in your drawers! Then all you have to do is lift and load. If it is too heavy, keep the items in the drawers, but just remove the drawers from the dresser for easier lifting.

Always Use Protection

To protect your breakables, wrap them in clean socks for added padding – also saves you from having to buy bubble wrap.


Clean Labels

Be as descriptive as possible on the moving boxes for easy unpacking – what is in the box, where it goes, what’s needed to assemble, etc.


One other tip: DON’T use the soap trick to fill holes in the wall. Buying a small thing of wall putty is just as cheap and will not make the people who move in after you curse your name from now until eternity!!

What are some tips & tricks you have picked up throughout your moving travels?





  1. danielcr1995 | 7th Jul 17

    Theses tips are very helpful and i will be using them when i next move house. check out my blog

  2. ksholloman | 2nd Jul 17

    Great read! I wish this article had been around the 6 times I have moved in my life, haha. I was the guy that was horrible for just filling box after box with anything and everything. 🙂

    • Courtney & Steve | 3rd Jul 17

      It’s always the tiny things that escape our minds during a move!

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