Connecticut Hunter Jumper Finals {Fairfield, CT}

CHJA Finals in Fairfield has come and gone this year. While it was the first time for many of the students at GMC Farm this year, it was a learning experience for all. Getting to compete at such a large scale, you absolutely must bring your A-game if you want to standout to the judges.

For those of you who don’t know, CHJA stands for the Connecticut Hunter Jumper Association. Once a year, students from all over get to compete on the grand stage for Finals. Strutting their stuff during the medals to prove that they have earned their spot as one of the top competitors for their division.


While this year, I was unable to compete (still on the mend from the car accident at the beginning of this year with no medical clear to ride any time soon), I was able to go and support others from our farm. These shows are not taken lightly. The students stay up late holding their horses for the braider into the wee hours and must return shortly thereafter to feed their horses and load the trailers. This year’s schedule went a little like this:

Thursday Evening:

  • load the trailers (equipment, hay bags, extra grain & water, etc)
  • bathe the horses and do all prep cleaning
  • braider arrives at 12AM to begin prepping the horses for their “show do” (this ends around 2:30AM)

Friday – Show Day

  • return to the farm at 4:15AM to feed all the ponies & load up the trailer
  • depart for Fairfield at 5:15AM
  • arrive at Fairfield at 6:45AM
  • unload the trailer and hand walk the horses all around the show grounds to get acquainted
  • begin prepping for morning warm-ups
  • complete your course walk
  • it’s show time! anxiously wait your turn to go and see if you make call backs

It is a hurry-up and wait day for everyone and if you are not used to horse competitions it may be a bit boring for the observer, but when you realize the dedication and effort the competitors make to get here it is completely worth it. Besides, who doesn’t like to look at pretty ponies all day long?




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