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How to ask your ‘maids to be in your Bride Tribe

Planning a wedding is one of the most rewarding and yet, most difficult parties you will ever put together. It is an event where you want to showcase your love for each other, celebrating with those closest to you. But, just like raising a child, it takes a village or more so an army, to pull off the wedding of your dreams!

Now that Mr. Right has finally popped the question, it is time to celebrate and incorporate your girls who have been by your side through thick and thin.  Having them by your side as you plan and celebrate this monumental time in your life is only fitting! How you ask your ‘maids may depend on your relationship, but doing something sweet and sentimental will go a long way. They will be beyond thrilled to be part of your special day no matter what, but get a little creative and celebrate your individual friendship with each person!

This list of easy ways to ‘pop the question’ will help you invite them into your bride tribe and share in the excitement of planning your big day. You can keep it as low-key or as extravagant as fits your budget (we all see the Pinterest and Easy craze); however, the biggest piece of advice I would give is to keep it personal! A meaningful note or card goes a long way, or a fun goody basket full of surprises is just as cute. Whatever you do, check out our list of favorite bridesmaid gifts for the big moment, including the basket I put together for my ‘maids!


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The most important thing throughout this whole process is to show your ‘maids and everyone else at your wedding how much they mean to you!






  1. Kristin | 29th Nov 17

    I love those baskets, such a cool idea! What did you fill them with?!

    • Courtney & Steve | 29th Nov 17

      Thanks! I tried to keep it uniform, yet tailor it to each girl. I added a mini bottle of champagne with a custom logo, matching body wash & cream, and some sort of drink dispenser whether it was a insulated water bottle, unique coffee cup or a blender bottle!

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