He Put a {RING} on IT!!!

You guys, we’re engaged! Yes, I know this isn’t exactly NEW news, but I thought it was finally time to share a little bit about the story now that we have had time to finally digest and begin (or shall I say plow through) the wedding planning.

Those that are close to us, know that we have kind of did this wedding planning thing a bit differently. Well, basically completely ass-backwards. While Steve and I lived together and we knew we wanted to get married, there hasn’t been a true rush. One night though at our friend’s house, we started talking about where we would want to get married and what season we would ideally choose. As we started researching, we realized that in the middle of 2016, things were already booking through 2018! How crazy insane is this?! Needless to say, while we didn’t yet have a ring, or any plan in mind, we knew we didn’t want to wait all the way until 2019.

I told Steve I would make a compromise; we could begin searching for our perfect location, but he had to promise that we would get officially engaged at least a year in advance of the chosen date… Little did I know, he was going to make me ‘wait’ until the very last day for that ring!! Steve proposed on October 13th, 2017 exactly one year to the mark of our wedding, next year.

Knowing my limitations since the car accident, Steve planned a very thoughtful proposal at a nearby walk by our house at sunset and even had a photographer there to capture the moment! In true Steve fashion, I think he purposefully hid behind the bush when he got down on one knee.

Now I hope you all reading are ready for some wedding inspiration coming soon! Any advice on do’s/don’ts?! We’d love to hear your thoughts!





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