It’s Tasting Day! {Wedding Plan}

You’ve got the ring, booked the venue & caterer and found the dress, but now you have to start narrowing down the details like picking your menu. Most likely you will be going for your tasting AFTER you book your caterer as it wouldn’t be very economical for them to provide a tasting to everyone who was entertaining their services. As your food & drinks will represent the largest portion of your wedding budget, it’s very important to choose the right caterer for you! After you’ve made the perfect matching for you, there are several follow-up questions you should ask during your tasting. Here is a comprehensive list of all the questions you should ask during & after your tasting to make sure everything goes smoothly and to your liking.

From Our Tasting!

I don’t know about you, but getting down to the nitty decisions has been a bit overwhelming and picking our menu has been no different. There were so many tasty options our caterer came up with or Pinterest-worthy ideas I found online. (Having a fall wedding really allows you to play with so many bold flavors)! During your tasting, you’re going to put together the perfect meal for your guest – beyond picking types of proteins & sides, but also presentation, etc.

Prior to deciding your meal, you should discuss with your s/o your total budget, guest count and wedding style and then communicate these to your caterer. The worst thing would be to attend your tasting and fall in love with a decadent meal that is outside of your price range.

We suggest every couple ask the following questions during their food tasting; from plating & presentation to food sourcing. But don’t worry, think about all the delicious items you’re going to get to taste!

  1. How many of each hors d’oeuvre will be passed during cocktail hour
  2. Ask your caterer for recommendations; don’t just ‘complain’ about pricing, but ask how you can reconfigure the menu and/or your budget to accommodate something that you really want
  3. Presentation, Presentation: are the items you are tasting going to be plated the same way on the day of your wedding? Pay attention to details such as plating style, garnishes, etc. 
  4. Portion Sizes: As with the presentation, you want to make sure that the size of the meal you are tasting is the size your guests will be served. You don’t want to be disappointed day of and possibly even leave your guests still hungry at the end of the night!
  5. Documentation is Key: Yes, I know, you don’t want to be the obnoxious person documenting every single item and getting the perfect Instagram-worthy photo, BUT you will be tasting a variety of dishes and you don’t want to forget what you liked or didn’t like about each one.
  6. Bring Friends: This may depend on your caterers policy for the amount of people you can bring (our tasting was free and we could bring 2 guests for a nominal charge). Having more than just yourselves to ‘vet’ out the food is key as tasters differ and it gives you a better feel as to what a larger group may like.
  7. The Art of Compromise: More likely than not, after you complete your tasting, there is going to be something you want to change whether it be from the way it is served, a specific side or just the entire meal option all together. Having a caterer that is willing to work with you and explain why they put together the menu the way they did is super important. 



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