Warming Weather: Bring on the Vests <$150

 Looking to spice up your winter wardrobe with a new vest? I don’t know about you, but with the warming weather, I feel like I can ditch the negative degree parka and rock some more ‘fashionable’ attire, including a warm and snuggly vest. Can you believe it is supposed to be above 50* in CT this weekend? (As a reminder, it is currently 16* outside!!!!) Maybe the worst of it in terms of weather is finally behind us? (hopefully I didn’t just jinx it!)

I don’t think I could stand another week like we had in early January. In CT it was well below the negatives with windchill (even the ponies were a tad chilly!). A winter coat can only go so far and eventually you feel like a lump, constantly wearing the warmest layers you can find… I was definitely rocking the fleece lined tights to work every day 😇😇.
If you’re looking to add a staple item to your wintery wardrobe, check out these options, all under $150 too! What’s your favorite winter staple piece?




  1. Gwen | 26th Jan 18

    I just bought one of the black faux fur vests and it is one of my very favorite pieces! Stay warm!

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