About Us

Welcome to Mulling it to Miller! Thank you for joining us on this Chaotically Delightful adventure we call life. There are constantly ups and downs, twists and turns, and mountains to overcome along the way, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

This blog started in theory many years ago. In college, my nickname was Miss Martha as I was always coming up with new crafts and recipes for my floormates. As I have never been much of a writer (just ask my college roommate Emily who always had to edit all of my papers), I tossed the notion to start a blog always to the side. BUT, as we have continued to progress through life, the idea of sharing our experiences and ideas with others has become quite appealing! SO, here goes nothing…

My name is Courtney, 27-year old (how did that happen?) working professional who juggles a multifaceted lifestyle. My ‘day job’ consists of working at a reputable insurance company within the underwriting field for Asset Managers (gibberish I know; think numbers/finance evaluations for companies that invest other people’s $$$), but come evening, you will find me working on our family farm. It is a 30-acre commercial hunter/jumper horse farm. It’s a tough balance, but something that I wouldn’t change… To make things even more complex, I decided to dive into this endeavor of blogging. I am hoping it brings just a tiny bit of humor to your life, as well as provide you with some useful information.

Steve on the other hand, was more or less coerced into this life I have made. While there is a slight age gap between the two of us (10 years!), you would never know it. Even though he has the most dry, sarcastic sense of humor I have known (my father excluded), he calms me down every step of the way (and that’s not easy with my excessive type-A personality with no stop button). Carpenter by trait, he owns/operates SJM Carpentry, LLC, but once again – his job after the job is working on that ‘hunny-do’ list he loves oh so much! Whether it be assisting my father on fixing fences or just plain figuring out how to build this elaborate idea I have come up with he is an amazing sport that I wouldn’t trade for the world. Did I mention he is a better cook than I am? Working more on him to contribute recipes when he cooks, but he just “throws it together” – if only I were so talented!

We want to share with you all of the amazing journeys we encounter along the way – from new recipes and random excursions to creative crafts. Please stop by our Contact Us page to drop us a line!

Life’s supposed to be a little messy…right?


One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure

                                             – William Feather